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Apr 6

In the administration you can post, edit, or delete your blog's content. Using an HTML interface you can easily design your posts using pictures, media, YouTube videos and more.

Some of the features include categories, RSS feed, tags, multiple posters (users), track backs, commenting & Facebook commenting. 

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Apr 4

APRIL 4 - FBI agents are searching for an alleged sex trafficker who pimps out underage girls and is continuing to post Twitter messages bragging about hookers he has put on the street, The Smoking Gun has learned.

Federal investigators last month secured a sealed arrest warrant for Marquist Bradford, 26, who has been charged with sex trafficking of children by force, fraud, or coercion, a felony carrying a prison term of 15 years to life.

Bradford, a wannabe rapper who has produced videos for several of his songs, uses the nickname "King Kutta Mackin” and has recently resided in Sacramento, California (where his apartment was searched by investigators in early-February). Bradford's rap repertoire includes "Misfortune" and "Super Rich."

The Chicago native’s Twitter account, @king_kutta, describes him as a "fresh fly nigga love doin me and love liven!!$$ money is my movation and bein ...


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Apr 1

NASHVILLE, TN - A rousing T-shirt cannon party at Nashville’s Bridgestone Arena was repeatedly marred by men coming out to play hockey Thursday, despite jeers and pleading from the crowd. "Everyone was excited to see free shirts fired into the stands by a 6-foot blue cat-man wielding a cannon, but they didn’t do that for more than a couple minutes at a time," said T-shirt fan Darren Chapman, adding that crowd members were turned away by security when they tried to follow the T-shirt squad into a tunnel. "If you have T-shirt cannons at a three-hour event, there should be three hours of T-shirt cannons. If I didn’t know better, I’d say they had been planning on playing that hockey in here all along." The arena’s public address announcer later declared there would be exciting "playoff" T-shirt cannon parties in the next few weeks, but sources said hockey-playing men are ...

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