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Welcome to the 504 Web website. This web site is designed to demonstrate the functionality & design of our work. We offer a wide range of designs & color schemes. This site is fully functional. You can login to the administration to see how easy you can update your web site. When you are ready to purchase any of our services, please email Dan directly:

As you can see from the menu on the left that we can provide you with several apps to help make your site more interactive. We can provide a blog, podcast, photo blog, calendar, guest book, slide shows for images, Facebook commenting & integration, ecommerce with many payment gateways and a contact form.

We can even can create a "users only" section of your web site. You can see a great use of this on Tears of Technology's web site. He has created a fan club for members only. You can also have multiple users add content to your web site. And the best part is you control their access and what they can update.

Your web site will have a search function for visitors who are looking for something specific. Other extra goodies include: Tell a Friend, Polls, Google Maps, Google AdSense, Social Bookmarks, YouTube integration & other media plus much much more.

The entire backend of your site would run off a MySQL database where you know your data is safe & secure.

  • If you need only a domain name, we can help.
  • If you need hosting for your current website & domain, we can help.
  • If you need one of our products but you already have your own hosting & domain, we can help.
  • If you need design for a website, Jamroom, Wordpress or other type of website, we can help.

Please be sure to check out our online store for more detailed information.

If you want something more simple like a WordPress web site, we can help there too! There is also many CMS (Content Management System) software for many different kinds of sites. From forums to open an online community to shopping carts for an online store.

We support Front Page, Jamroom, E-Z Generator, WordPress, Joomla, Zen Cart...

You can get started today for less than 100 bucks which will include 1 year of hosting & 1 year of your domain. (This excludes the price of the actual website which may run anywhere between $100 to 500 dollars depending on what your specific needs are.

Simply contact us with one of the many contact forms on this demo web site.

You can also email Dan directly:

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